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The "Do"

When life goes on, it really goes on. Doing versus planning. You need both and too much doing without planning can lead to no direction while too much planning leads to no action and not enough movement. "Do" something today that will make someone know someone they did not know yesterday. That is how business ideas turn into creations and people "do" good. Getting stuff done will ruffle a few feathers here and there and people will give you feedback, both good and bad. Tweak and change as needed, then go do. Do. Do. Do. Find me a culture or workplace that does not "Do" and I will find bored minds and wasted talent...

Signs of a culture that is afraid to "Do"… Is a culture where people have to wait on there boss for every move so they can "Do". Bosses are great, we all have one. I know I do. But I know your boss is paying you to think, decide and do. The smart people do. The smarter ones know when to ask for help on how to "Do" better. You are either not a doer or afraid to do. Which is it?