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Successful vs. Famous Talent

The difference between a successful talent and a famous talent, is the successful one will not tell you how great he or she is. The famous one will come with high recommendations from a recruiter or political connection. The famous candidate will put up a screen of success to hide their insecurity about themselves because they know they are just famous, not successful. Hiring managers, business leaders and recruiters can easily mistake famous, for successful and even hire the famous talent. Think of some of the great leaders, artists and musicians. They became famous as a by-product of their work. Seek great work and you will find great people behind the work and also find people before they become famous.

The successful ones who will not stop until they get their ideas and views across to people and change something in a big way. They are comfortable going about business in their freakish way because they know their way will work. Even though, they have been told many times in their life it will not work or there is only one "true" or "right" way. They have discovered a way.

So what about the people who have found a way? There are lots of them....some famous and some not famous, but both are successful. The special ones can inspire other people as to "why" (hat tip to Simon Sinek) their way is better. They inspire you to want to know more of what they have to say. They listen, share and get you to come closer to them. You trust them and will follow their lead and you know they will follow yours. That is a successful leader who can create followership.

Successful talent will make things happen. Famous talent will tell you how it should happen. There is a difference between the two and it is your job to know that.