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A Common Human Mistake

A common human mistake is that we try to control people. Trying to make other people happy adds more stress and drama to your life. You are responsible for your own happiness. I am responsible for my own happiness and Nan in customer support is responsible for her happiness. Marketers try to make their brand, product or service feel fun and happy. HR pros and aspiring HR pros try to do the same with people they lead. They want everyone to be happy and mistakenly believe they can control people's happiness. Sound too harsh for an HR pro? Then tell me how you can make someone happy. Start with me. Make me happier...hit me up in the comments or twitter or email or cell.

HR pros talk a lot about how the HR profession needs to change. They talk about more strategy, better technology...yayayaya. Before you start with change, start with your own happiness. How open are you with people? Do you share your true beliefs with them or try to be someone you are not so they accept you? Are you realistic about your expectations with other people or do you expect everyone to be perfect like you? Do you deal with conflict directly or through passive-aggressive emails?

Focus on your own happiness and your relationships with humans at work and away from work will naturally improve. That's what I am going to do avoid common human mistakes. Who wants to join me?