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Where is your content going?

If you hear from the HR Hound more than your boss or your HR Pro at your company it might be a sign that you are out of touch. Fix it, do not complain about it. Their are people who other people listen to in your network of organized people. Marketers call them "content creators". One of your jobs is to find the content creators and influence them. They are the people who can summarize an 8 hour meeting into 2-3 bullet points and then talk about sports, cats, hunting or whatever topic in life. The people who know what to share and when to share it. People listen to them and they can sell your ideas for you before you know they have sold your ideas. They are good people.

I write and some of you share and some of you ignore. I know that because some of you keep me honest and repeat words I have said or shared. Good to know for the future. I also steal your ideas and share them in other areas of my life. We are in the same pool and it can be healthy to cross into different swim lanes as long as we are not polluting other people's lanes in the pool.

Where is your content? No content, no story. Content can be speaking, writing, painting, drawing and sharing. Capture the content and share it with people who care about your content. Ignore the other ones. Have a good weekend.