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Once upon a time at HR Bandcamp...

Once upon a time there was a technology boom scaring HR and recruiting professionals across the world. Every day large percentages of company HR and Talent Management/Acquisition leaders were not attracting top talent to the point where their executive line wondered whether they knew what they were doing or if they had a clue. One day a few daring and risk taking HR and Talent Management professionals figured out how to use technology to change their profession, and increase the quality of talent they delivered to their clients. Because of that... their business became more profitable and their reputation in the talent market improved. Because of that... HR and Talent Management professionals were free to work on making their people work better and their company more profitable. And because of better technology, visibility of what they were doing improved and people wanted to follow them. Imagine that.

Until finally...the HR and Talent Management community, regardless of political status or hierarchical position, understood how to use technology to find better talent and were aware of how technology can save them time and money. They were leaders of technology. They saw the vision and were looking forward to the next big thing. Once upon a time this will happen.