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The tennis rally and your ideas

Buddy the Dog DO something. People try. People try to call someone. People try to say something. People try to hire talent. People try to sell more. People try out new technology. You must do. You must call someone. You must say something. You must hire talented people. You must sell more. AND you must use your technology to know how it is doing. Doing can be like pushing because when I do something, I push my ideas and behaviors on you. I push you to where I think you should go and you push me to where you think I should go. Tennis is a push game. The better I am at tennis, the more I can push the ball and watch you chase the ball around the court. You must swing at the ball to hit the ball. It takes work to watch the ball.

In business, we work together when we are in the room or phone together. We push and pull ideas out of each other. This sounds so easy, but our emotions and attitudes get in the way...

A good business interaction is when ideas are shared like a good tennis rally. Both people are making great shots and eventually the point ends because someone hit a better shot. In tennis, no matter who the player is, the best shot wins. In work, you should strive for an interaction that rivals a world class tennis rally and let the best shot win. There is no winner or loser, just great ideas being shared. Easier said than done.

Sales people often push too hard. Buyers often guard too much. Both parties need to share their ideas and see where the conversation goes. This is how you do something in business. Share ideas, then DO the best one.