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Are Your Plans All Hat, No Cattle?

All Hat, No Cattle The plan to do something big is just a plan.

A few days ago I wrote about finding successful talent vs. famous talent. The other day, I heard a catchy Texas term to describe famous people and the term is, "All hat, no cattle". It means are you more talk than action. Do you brag or do you do? Do you know it all or do you know when you do not know?  Is there enough action behind your talk?

Think of all the people you meet, interview or sell to. How do you get past their talk and into their game? How do you get past the hat?

The cowboy of our era can listen, lead or follow. They know when a trend will become a trend, a fad will become a fad, or a success will become a success. They are real and you know one when you see one. They can be cowboys and cowgirls and can lead cattle. In a transparent and purpose economy you can see how they lead cattle.

Make a plan with a back-up plan and a side plan, then be a cowboy about it. Own it. No excuses.