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The Messy Clusterfug

Life is messy when you try and do something with it. Each of us brings our own cluster of relationships, baggage, life experiences and mobile device to work. This makes work/life a messy clusterfug. You can control your actions and behaviors, but eventually your experiences and people around you become a cluster. Clusters are not bad, they are just people of similar networks and experiences. Big company, small company, start-up, high class dilemmas, low class jobs...they all have their own cluster and can become messy. What do you use to organize your clusterfug of life? There are sticky notes, wine, ice cream, technology and smartphones all around us. How is all that solving your pain? If doing more is the name of your game, then doing something different should be on your mind.

I can't think of a business where money comes easy, budgets aren't tight, time is infinite and home is easy. These constraints cause pain, anxiety and mess. You are not alone in your space, so find people who have done something similar. The more I think about people in my messy clusterfug, the more I'm aware of how unaware I have chosen to be. Rude awakenings like these, make me want to do more in life and work.

Enjoy your clusterfug and it's okay if it's a mess.