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Your two jobs...

Your two jobs you can control are: Your preparation and ability to be in the moment. Preparing is being ready and being in the moment is noticing you are alive and can make a difference. Presentations, musical performances, sporting events, tough conversations, relocation, new jobs, etc. Prepare, then be in the moment. Smell the people, the air, listen and watch for the way other people interact with you. No matter your age/role, this is my moment and your moment. Be in the moment and you can own the moment. Be out of mind or touch with the moment and you will lose touch of the few people in your audience who actually give a @#$ what you have to say. Say it, shut up and move on. Know when to push and when to let off.

Center your mind on continuously improving with knowing that you can not be perfect. Perfect people are silent killers. Perfect people can't handle being not perfect so they focus on crushing people and their imperfections. One day the perfect people recognize that nobody believes they are human and avoids them like a weather delay in the Cleveland airport.

Doing these two jobs (preparation and in the moment) will help you earn more trust in yourself and others and enjoy the moment. The more you can enjoy the moment, the happier you can be and the more you can accept that much of life is out of your control. Earning trust in yourself and others is how you gain more support, followers, sales, awareness, dollars, etc. Isn't that what you are after?