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Super Cool in Utah

In Utah the adjective, "super", is used frequently amongst people. People say, "super fast" or "super awesome" or "super good" or "super stressed" or "super strong". The term is catchy and makes you listen more when you hear it in use. This past week, I presented a lunch and learn session on "Recruiting and Engaging Millennials" (people born after 1980) to about 30 or 40 HR/Talent/Learning pros at workday's Salt Lake City, Utah office. Here are the "Super" takeaways... -HR/Talent/Learning Pros are afraid of "they". A recruiter was afraid to use technology to enhance her company's recruiting process because "they" would fire her. I explained to her that "they" is her. If you want to lead change, then you need to be the "they". This is a "super" change for some people.

-Recruiters want a robot to share their jobs across all social media sites. This can be a good approach, but as the recruiter make sure you still create an emotional connection with your candidates. Robots have "super" bad emotions.

-We need more people with a disruptive mindset in Utah about technology for HR and talent acquisition/management. That seemed to be the case with that audience at least. Disruptive is not bad when your intentions are good. In order to understand something, you have to disrupt or change it. "Super" scary.

A "super" shout out and thanks to workday (thanks Ryan) and CornerStone OnDemand (thanks Marci) for sponsoring the event. It was a "super" time. For you in the HR Hound tribe, below is the presentation I delivered (email subscribers click through to see). Enjoy the show.

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