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How many words is a picture worth?

Family pictures As much as we value the picture. Bob value's words more than pictures and Lori value's pictures with chickens in them more than Nadia likes cool videos with cats in them and Barry wants it all on excel. Find out how and what a person values, then you will find out how many words the picture is worth. Think of all the ways you can paint or draw pictures to describe what you see or want to happen. You will appreciate what you are doing a little more.

A few months back I was at LinkedIn's headquarters. They painted their mission, vision, and values on their wall. The painting had more impact than words or pretty pictures. It made sense to the people who painted the picture and the people who lived in the picture.

Try to change someone's values and you learn you need to change. Many command and control approaches focus on changing someone and not allowing the "worker" to have trust in themselves to make a decision. What is that approach teaching? Not much. Your shop needs people at all levels to be aware, clear about their goals and free to make their own choices. You as the leader know what you are doing and so does your team. It comes down to understanding people. Try and understand someone's values and both you and the other person changes.

My blog stats tell me that you like pictures more than words at times. How do you like this picture (email subscribers click through)? In short, listen to the words, look at the picture and discover what people value. Find peace in the process and the rest will come out in the results. Stay tough. Stay strong. Stay lean and a little mean.