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Skin In The Game

Hard working women assembling toys in the 1950s. Credit Flickr. Investopedia defines "Skin In The Game", HERE. Credit good ole Warren Buffet for using the term. Means putting your own money on the line. At work, you are putting your life and sweat and joys and tears into the game. If not, find a new job. That is the HR Hound's way of fixing employee engagement.

For recruiters, get aligned on the business you support, then hire people who can put their Skin In The Game. You will feel like your skin is in the game, when you see people you have hired who have skin in the game. You will have made a difference.

Some of you have the corporate six figure job... Think about what you really do. What do you do? Are you the one who shows up to tell people what they already know? Do you create complicated reports that nobody uses? Align your work with 2-3 priorities of the business. Get skin in the game.

One of your jobs as a leader (no matter your level) is to get skin in the game. Put yourself in the place of the people you are leading/supporting...What are they thinking? What are they feeling? What do they need to succeed? How would you help the hard working women in the pic (email subscribers click through)? Get some skin in the game. Help people.