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Don't like it, find a new blog

Work With Care. Credit Library of Congress. Many times people read blogs, tweets, status updates or news and are drawn into the content shared on that specific post, article, tweet or status update. They then follow or sign up to hear more from that person. What they really want is entertainment or ideas that appeal to their interests at that moment or time. Same goes with speaking to an audience. People want to hear something they are interested in, not what you are interested in...

Every now and then I get a reader who emails me and says something like, "Ben-take me off the HR Hound list". In other words, Ben you are no longer interesting, entertaining or informative and I need to simplify my life and your content did not make the cut.

Here are some things I can do when I hear those requests:

-- Ignore them and keep writing what I want to write about. Go big or go home. More of an ego thing.

-- Verbally bash them and talk bad about them online. This is wasteful and passive aggressive.

-- Accept that not everyone cares what I have to say AND only find people who care about my cause. You get what you focus on. I can choose my audience.

-- Chalk up the requests and/or criticism as part of the content game. Anyone can criticize content, not everyone can create content. Show me the content!

If you do not like what I write, find a new blog. That sounds harsh, but it is okay to leave. I am honored you stopped by all the way from Australia. How does this relate to an organization?...

In an organization people value different things and have different interests. They may/may not have the same values as you and they probably are not interested in the same things as you. All this is okay. Seek out the differences and learn how to care about what other people care about. Even if it creates conflict. The more comfortable you can get with conflict, the stronger you and others will become. Don't like what I just said? Then find a new blog, but get more comfortable with conflict in your job.