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Wake Up The Calm One

HR Tech The calm one can be the strong one. Comeback with an attack like Big Mac and don't look back unless you experience a reflective set-back. Wake up the calm ones or wake up your mind if you are the calm one. Start your comeback. People do not care what you do. It is your brand, your circle or lane that you swim in. You should care what you do, more than they do. They is the monster you create in your mind. Wake up...

Wake up to always be prepared, aware and find the desire so you have the ability to act with good intentions, no matter the situation. Wake up and disrupt the rigid formal or old process with good intent.

There is an HR Tech disruption right now. Are you aware? Are you prepared for it? Do you have the desire and ability to act on it? Results speak for themselves. Do not be a sleepy dog in the street (email subscribers click through for pic) What do people, candidates and customers say about their experience with you? Wake up.

Sometimes it takes a little razzle dazzle to wake up the calm mind. Wake up, Act with good intent, then Keep calm, and Carry on (a little pun to the 1939 British government motivational poster)...Wake up.