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Did you create that or edit that?

There is a difference between creating and editing? A writer creates thoughts before they write, a painter creates mental images before they paint, a musician creates sounds before they sing, a guitarist creates new sounds before they play, a photographer creates memories with their photos and almost anyone can create a movie with video technology these days. These creations are usually edited. In your work, how much should you create or edit? In a mature and smooth running organization there should be more editing than creating. Work and process have already been created. A leader's job is to edit the work and processes to make things work better. In a less mature or start-up organization, there should be more creating and less editing. The start-up then grows and learns how to do more editing and less creating. That does not mean creating does not happen or is not needed. The healthy organization, no matter how mature, should continually create and edit valued added work and process. People should get clear on how much editing vs. creating is needed. Will make their jobs easier, so they can go home to be with families and friends.

Create, edit and edit some more if needed, then do. Do create something and do edit something, but always use what is created and edited. If you do not use what is created, then learn why it was created and edit or eliminate what was created.