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You are not like them

The minute you realize you are not like them you realize you are not in the norm. Finding them can be as awkward as showing up to a dinner party of 18 people (19 including you) to realize there is no seat for you at the table and all 18 people, except for you, are wearing the same shirts with a "them" label. You then have to scramble around the room to find a random stool to sit on. Soon enough, someone from the "them" party will say, hey are you a member of this club? You are not like them, so you will have to provide some type of explanation as to why you belong. If your explanation is interesting enough one of them will want to be your friend or hangout with you more. You are now like them.

Look long and hard enough and you will find your norm. People talk about the one person who is not like them, when that one person is not around. They want to know why that person can't be like them.

So yes, you are not like them until you connect with them and learn why they do what they do more than what they say. Focus on the amazing people you connect with and what they do. You are like them. Hire people who can connect with people who are not like them. They have talent.