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Avoid the Wet Blanket, #HR Riff

The Urban dictionary describes the "Wet Blanket" as the person who ruins other people's good times. The ultimate fun sucking human in your circle or office. That person who shows up to the table and people run, hide or check their phones because they know the Wet Blanket just showed up.

HR breeds Wet Blankets. Sad, but true. They turn an editing session into a beat down or simple development gap into a company wide mandate of training...

No matter your function (inside or outside of HR), rise above the Wet Blanket. It takes the skin of rhino and soul of an angel to avoid the Wet Blanket HR pro in your company. The attributes of an HR player of tomorrow can lead, sell his/her company's culture, service and product, they aren't tax specialists, but they get finances and they are technology savvy. The HR player of tomorrow can use their attributes to deflect his/her Wet Blanket HR peers. They can lead their way beyond the Wet Blankets.

Wet Blanket HR pros. Plllleeeeaaaaassseee. #HR Riff over.