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Hoot Biglar is buying the HR Hound Blog for $780,000

I'm excited to announce that tech guru, Hoot Biglar, has agreed to buy the HR Hound blog for $780,000. Ben will continue to write, but he will only be found writing under the @HRHound Twitter handle and keeping it under 140 characters or less, of course. Who is Hoot Biglar? He is listed on various HR census headcount reports OR union job bid sheets or training reports run by gritty HR coordinators. Hoot Biglar is a make believe and fake person. Hoot does not exist, but if you read this far my writing skills fooled you. That's right, today is April Fools. Gotcha! BUT here is what is real. My latest post on the Entelo Blog...

Entelo understands that most execs and CEOs have trouble hiring the right people. They understand that recruiting is a broken industry and they work to make recruiters more effective while at the same time making candidate-recruiter interactions more personal. Read more what the HR Hound has to say at their Entelo Blog (email subscribers click through for link)...

Laugh today. Hoot Biglar is not buying the HR Hound, but would if he/she was real. Hahahahaha.