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Famous or successful #talent on #Twitter

Twitonomy app About to hire that social media pro? Stop and think about what you are doing. A pretty Twitter picture with thousands of followers can make someone look famous, but you need to analyze further to find out if they are successful. Famous does not get the job done. Results on Twitter happens when someone can nurture and generate relationships and bring them to life. That is success on Twitter.

Twitonomy is a free app you can use to get a comprehensive analysis and view of talent, competitors and sales leads. Let's review this app further.

The tweet analytics shown in the pic (email subscribers click through) is an example of the overall stats displayed via twitonomy. The twitter profile being analyzed is so famous you might even follow him, but let's dig in further...

- At 15.76 tweets per day. He tweets a lot. Big deal. A robot can do that. I  know he has a robot doing his tweets because twitonomy will tell me that. See image below of his different automated robots tweeting for him.

- He has been mentioned 1,065 times on Twitter from September to April. Is this a lot? Seems pretty high, but could be more robots tweeting. We would need to dig into this area further.

- Check out his replies. He has only replied to tweets 285 times in the last 7 or 8 months. In other words, 9% of his 3,200 tweets from the last 7-8 months have been replied too. Not impressed. Would like to see that number 30% or higher. This profile smells like a famous celebrity. I have met the man behind the profile so I guess I know Twitter celebrities. Even had a beer with him.






Here is my takeaway of this twitter profile. He has 67,658 followers and tweets a lot, but he does little with his followers in terms of building relationships, connections and nurturing. His profile is famous, but not successful on Twitter. Who do you want? Someone who is famous or successful? You gotta dig in like a hound peeps. Do not get fooled by a famous Twitter profile.