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Top 10 highest paid HR pros are not on Social Media...

six million dollar man HRM America recently released the top 10 highest paid HR pros (email subscribers click through for the link). Per their report, the highest paid HR pro is John Fleming from Ford who pulls in about $5.9M per year and at the bottom of the list is Philippe Krakowsky from The Interpublic Group of Companies Inc., who pulls in about $3.2M per year. Surprised? Jealous? What are you going to do about it? You can't follow them on Twitter ( I checked) and only a couple of them can be found on LinkedIn. Good luck connecting with them on social media. Try MySpace, haha.

Let's say your job is to sell HR software to these HR Pros. How would you get a meeting with them? I bet you half of John Fleming's salary they will not return your emails or calls. If you did reach them by luck, your sales pitch better be damn good.

These high paid execs put their pants on the same way you do. One leg at a time. They have pain points like anyone else too. Find out what they are.

Research them as much as you can online. Know their business, competitors, etc. The basic and easy stuff. Find people who might know them and find out who they trust. Influence those people with personal stories about your service or product and win them over. Keep doing this and keep chipping away at finding new people who know the high paid HR exec. You may or may not get to speak with the high paid HR exec, but you will find out who makes decisions and who would sign off on your deal.

If you are lucky and that good that you do get a meeting with one of these HR execs, be able to speak ROI of your service/product, how it links to the HR execs strategic business drivers and pain points. And do all this in a conversational type approach based on the HR execs motivations, world views in life and maybe even their favorite sports teams and family. Make them remember you.

This is not a rant about fairness and people making too much money. In life if you want it, go get it. I do not know these HR execs, probably never will, but I assume they wanted that money so they went out and got it. If they did it in a shady business way, life will take care of that on its own. One thing this list does not cover is the top 10 happiest HR pros. I wonder if any of these HR Pros would be on that list...

Social media for selling can be good, but not all buyers are on social media. Especially these 10 highest paid HR pros. The sales pro who sells to these HR execs will need various tools and tricks to influence these HR execs. You could use social media to find people who know/interact with them and connect with those people, but it will not be one of your main tools for selling to this space. No matter the tool, make sure it gets you to a voice to voice or face to face meeting with these execs.

Good luck.

PS- If you are an HR Exec on this list, then email me. Pretty sure you are not, but I have to ask.