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Technology/software first, but mindset always

Mindset alwaysYears ago, I once saw a technology/software organically grow within an organization. Software sales pros will talk about organic growth and adoption, but I submit to say many have never experienced or seen this because it rarely happens. Just last week, I had a hot shot sales pro fumble through his vision on how his software can organically grow throughout an organization. Organic adoption and growth of a software comes down to luck and timing. When organic growth happens  there is usually a covert, sometimes overt, awareness that something needs to change with a process. People will talk about it at lunch tables. In the halls and road trips on airplanes or cars. Whether it be an accounting software, purchasing software or HR software, when people feel stuck with what they have, they overtly or covertly know there needs to be a change. This is what I experienced years ago with organic growth...

The need for change quickly turns into desires to change and people want to do something about it. In work cultures where risk and action are encouraged, this change can happen fast. To the contrary, in cultures where people have to wait for "they" or "management" to decide, the change is slow and takes much longer than people's mindsets can handle. This is when organic growth of a software or technology stops. If people have the authority to act, organic growth will fuel their actions. This is what I experienced years ago with organic growth...

People decide if your software is intuitive and easy because they can use it with ease, thus growth continues, more people catch on and more people want in on the new software. It spreads like a fire through a dry forest. People catch on to how it can help them in their job and are able to use it with ease. They value it. If people value the technology you are selling, then they have the mindset for your technology. Your work is 98% done at this point. People have decided on their own to use it without "management" intervention. This is what I experienced years ago with organic growth...

Let's say you have software that is game changing in terms of saving money, making more money, finding more talented people or enabling talented people to perform better. If this is the case, it should require a little nudge to show people the way to adopt the mindset and the organic growth of the software should take over...That is what I experienced when I witnessed Yammer (Microsoft later bought them for about $1.2b dollars) spread through an organization of around 16,000 people across the world (HT-Energizer). Technology/software first, but mindset always.

When the strategy consultants leave your company, there is about a 70% chance their plans and initiatives will fail. Many of their plans will involve a new software or technology. Start with the mindset always. Scale minds, not technology. It is more productive and less costly.