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Avoid the Big Dumb Company Disease Mindset

In some circles Big Dumb Company Disease is shortened by the acronym BDC. You can read about it, HERE, but in short as organizations grow and age, people come from big and small companies, layers get added, teams get bigger and a mindset of bureaucrats creep into the company. People lose their scrappiness and care more about feeding the monster bureaucracy or someone's ego. This creates more hurdles to jump over than the work itself. BDC... As companies grow, simple work gets harder. That is why not everyone can grow a company. If it were easy, wouldn't everyone do it? People who can grow a company, can avoid all the bullshit that comes their way and focus on delivering great products and services. They care more about their company's cause and people's happiness than creating a new rule. Comes down to aligning on principles that allow a company to grow. This is hard.

The people who join a company and continue to work at a company need to have the ability to handle growth, chaos and wonky experiences that have no explanation. They can figure out how to get the job done without a manual. They understand when to add rules or tools that people need to better deliver great products and services. They understand that no rules are better than bad and complicated rules. They can keep it simple and they know when work is not simple. They love their company and want their customers to love it too, so they become enraged when they can't focus on great products and service.

Hiring more people is needed to grow a company, but get smart about the rules, tools and practices you employ. Too many complicated rules and procedures will create red tape for talented people who might get tired of the bullshit and leave. Instead add and align the mindsets of people who can create rules and tools to make your services and products better. This will prevent BDC from creeping in and help your company grow faster.