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Twitter's latest move takes a deep move into #Recruiting

Smooth move Twitter. Email subscribers click through for a pic... Their latest redesign move allows a user to showcase their portfolio with pictures, quality tweets and retweets (click HERE for Mashable article). This is good for people who are looking to find workers (recruiters) and people who want to find work (entrepreneurs, candidates, etc). Even the good ole men and women of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that more than 75% of companies use social networking sites to recruit job candidates. LinkedIn is the obvious player here, but about 54% of recruiters use Twitter to screen and nurture talent. Twitter's redesign move gives me confidence that more recruiters will use it to recruit.

Twitter has about 974M registered users of which about 429M users have never tweeted. This confident move sounds like it will help their adoption issue. Many people I speak with have Twitter accounts, but do not use it because they do not see the purpose. If they want to set themselves apart in the recruiting space, this move gives many of them more purpose. Kinda thought provoking to think almost half of Twitter's users do not even use their product, but yet they keep trucking along just fine.

Soon, more and more success stories of how people found work on Twitter will be shared and bright people will figure out how to put an ROI case together to use it more and more. Nothing new, but big media will get hold of these stories, make a big deal about it, and lonely HR people who do not get on-board will be in the dark again...Nothing new on that front either.

Twitter is moving into recruiting more than before. Let's see how this unfolds for HR Tech companies and big and small company recruiters and candidates. Time will tell...