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#Sales leads vs. #talent leads, & similarities

Usually, sales leads need to be watched and pursued more than talent leads. Talent leads need to be kept warm and comfy while sales leads need to be watched and stalked. Although, some talent leads need to be hunted more than others. Both sales and talent leads need to be qualified early in the process. Qualification will make the deal sweeter in the end for the buyer, seller and candidate. Watch, pursue and stalk if needed, but do not be creepy. What is similar? They both have values. Find out the values of your future talent and customers/buyers. They will probably value different things, but find out what they value early in the deal and play to win amongst those values. It will save you time and energy. Sometimes you can't offer what they value, which is okay, but learn early so you do not waste anyone's time. It hurts egos when talented candidates do not accept jobs or hot sales prospects do not sign a deal. You did not find out what they valued early in the deal. Align on values.

Keep caring. Imagine if everyone had a goal or quota related to how much they care about sales leads, customers or new and current talent? Imagine if they had to do a few major actions each week related to this? What would life be like at your company? What would the culture be like? Would people care more about the business? Would people still care about forms and rules to make sure everyone was doing their job OR would people be comfortable knowing that everyone cares and will do the right thing for your customers and people.

Imagine and think about what it would be like and chances are...You will create what you imagine.

Your day-to-day decisions should balance between sales (i.e., cash, profit), growth and people. It is a balance, not a choice on who is right or wrong like politics (see pic). Allow people to do work they enjoy that can be tied into sales, growth and people and they will be engaged. An engaged employee will keep the un-savvy HR pros away. Sales leads and talent leads have values. Find out what they value and play there. That is where they are similar.