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Companies Split, People Leave & Voices In Your Head

Crisis creates change. Big news in my old company, Energizer, they split into two for batteries and the other for household and personal care items (i.e., Schick razors, Playtex feminine products, etc). These changes will create voices in people's head. Will I have a job? Will I get a promotion? Should I leave? If you are the big execs, should I cash out my stocks? Companies split, people leave, people disappoint, people think what they want to think... Voices in your head, is what gets you ahead. Pay attention to why you think about what you think about? These thoughts are the voices in your head that will create the change. Crisis makes us think more. Your crisis is not my crisis, so think about why the voice is in your head.

MTV generations. New generations. Baby boomer generations. Generations before the baby boomers (i.e., Silent Gen, GI Gen, generations who formed us into who we are). They put voices in our head, we go to work with those voices and try to do good. People who lead and work with purpose, own the voices in their head. They think good, so they think a lot. If you find yourself not thinking good, then do not think too much. L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling should have stopped thinking long ago. No matter your generation, own the voices in your head.

The voices in your head will get you what you deserve. Your actions will speak for the voices in your head. Accept the change, then think, speak, paint and write with good intent.