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Pastries On Display & People On Your Website

This past Saturday I went to one of favorite Starbucks with my son. At Starbucks they have their pastries on display in a window while you wait in line to order your beverage. After a two or three minute wait in line, my hunger got the best of me and I wanted (not needed) a berry cake pastry. When it was my turn to order, I ordered a cake pop for my son and coffee and berry pastry for me. To my surprise, the Barista told me the berry cake pastry was sold out and on display only. Damn it. Annoyed by the situation, I bought my coffee and son's cake pop and kindly walked away. Morale of the story is that when you have something on display to sell, sell it. Whether it be cars, products or services on your website, jobs on your website, etc. If you display it, sell it. A few ways this plays out via online activities...

- Companies have awesome websites about their product or service, but no phone number to call a human. You see the pastry, but can't call anyone about it.

- Companies have awesome photos and videos of their company culture, but clunky or horrible ways to apply. You see the jobs, but there is no easy way to apply or interview.

- Companies have beautiful pictures of their leadership team, but nobody can access the leaders unless you have a security badge to get on the top floor. No LinkedIn profile, Twitter handles, etc. Leaders on display, but not available to lead you.

Pastries on display look good to eat, but you can't buy them. They are there to look good and tease you. People on display via a website are not real, until you get to know them. Check your company website to see if your people are on display only or available to lead...