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The HR Hound Blog Redesign to Drive Reader Behavior

The HR Hound blog has undergone a full makeover and I am ready to share the new blog redesign. The blog redesign is based on a Pratico Van Theme and a special thanks to C-Rom (nickname) for his help piecing it together. Why did I redesign The HR Hound? Email subscribers, click through for my video explanation. It's apparent I need to shave too...

[video src="" size="auto"]

The original layout was fine, but my early intentions were to blog for eyeballs and attention. Now with several hundred (~837) subscribers, thousands of social media readers, almost 16,000 viewers... I need to change it up to get more return out of my efforts. The HR Hound is an emcee for my thinking and views. My thoughts and views triggers behaviors and thoughts amongst the people who read it. The redesign is my attempt to create better content for your short attention.

My goal of the redesign is to trade more information with you to get more of your time and attention. The end goal is to increase the ratio of visitors to the HR Hound.

What is new with the layout?

New logo, easier ways to comment and share, soon to be released podcast, more video content, advertising space (firming up a few good companies) and the layout is more simple and professional. I also refreshed the "About Ben" and "About HR Hound" pages to better speak at what I can do for you.

Who is the audience?

The HR Hound started in January of 2011 with a random audience focus on social media, company branding, sports and teamwork in business. I have tweaked my audience focus for the HR Hound and my goal is to write for people in the talent/HR, sales and content marketing space. I don't want to be like Seth Godin or the Fistful of Talent circle or someone else. This is the HR Hound.

With the blog and soon to be released podcast, I will talk about technology and real life issues and how you can leverage social media, technology, or content marketing to your advantage in terms of finding better talent and more sales leads. Sound scary and big? Good. All great ideas sound scary. I will give you something you will not find elsewhere. If I can't give it to you, I will find someone who can.

Lastly, I will leave you with this. Creating a blog can be messy. No rules on how to design it, even if you buy a template. No clear start or finish and often a pain in the ass. Even when you are done, you are not sure if you are really done or if it was worth it. It is more of a feeling. When it feels done, it's done. If you do it enough times and you enjoy it, then keep going. Finding work you enjoy, is a job in itself. I enjoy this work and I am open for business again. Back to the program.