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Six Signs Of The Downward Spiral Of Tech Implementation - Do Something

The downward spiral of tech implementation is the continued destruction of people's productivity within an organization. Happens when people do not know how to use the technology or how it adds value to their life and feel they can't do anything about it. Traditional performance management software systems have been spiraling down productivity for years. Credit someone like Donna Morris, SVP of People at Adobe. She stopped a downward spiral by killing their performance management system. She did something. Other people do nothing and let the downward spiral get the best of them. Did you hear about the SAP implementation at Avon? Click HERE for the details, but in short Avon Products, the company who puts mascara on women, let a software implementation spiral down and cost them about $100M to $125M after they killed it. Some people even left the company because the software was too hard to use. They did something about the downward spiral.

In street terms, a downward spiral is a depressive state where a person gets more and more depressed and there is no way to stop it. Nine Inch Nails even did a song called Downward Spiral back in the 90s, but enough street talk. Below are six signs your software technology implementation is on a downward spiral...

1. The CEO and/or executive team do not use the software. The software adds no value to their business or life.

2. The CEO and/or executive makes their executive admin use the software because it hurts their head when they use it. The software is not easy or simple to use.

3. The CEO and/or executive is not aware of how much pain the software is causing people. They walk the halls whistling and have no idea Bob in cube #4 is screaming F-bombs in his head. Ignorance can be a choice.

4. Some brave CEO and/or executive  actually does something about it and directs people to not use it. It might be the Head of Sales telling his/her team to stop wasting time on a purchasing, accounting or HR software. This brave soul is a (wo)man of the people. They know something.

5. A person or team at your company has been assigned to re-evaluate the software. Change is coming...people are doing something with it.

6. Lastly and most importantly. You get to choose what you want to do with technology. Do something good with good technology and do something about crap technology. Do not accept crap software.

Do not wait for the downward spiral to stop. You have to act.

This past week I spent time with some of the world's smartest technology, talent and HR leaders at HireVue's first ever user conference. What was the takeaway? Do something. When you look back on your life, you will be glad you did something instead of nothing (credit Mark Newman, HireVue-CEO/Founder). I know you have crap technology at your company. Do something about it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Muffett68 via creative commons on Flickr.