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Bacon Eating People - Do You Know Your Audience?

In my work to create an audience with the HR Hound, I have figured out that many of you like bacon. I know you are interested in other things as well, but let's go with bacon and sports to simplify this conversation. This means my audience is "bacon eating people who like sports". If I throw a breakfast party on Sunday to watch a sports game and offer no bacon, I run the risk of many members from my audience not coming because they prefer bacon. I can't get all bent out of shape if I do not like what my audience likes because I am here to serve you, not me. Maybe my religious beliefs gives me restrictions on pork products, such as bacon, but since my audience likes bacon I should be aware of that fact. I need to think bigger than my issue with bacon.

Once I know exactly the type of person I am trying to target with my writing, I need to find out where they hang out to grow my audience. Do they hang out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn? What blogs and books do they read? What TV shows do they watch? I need to keep asking those questions and start to find patterns.

Men, women, bacon, beliefs, sports, fitness, beer and burgers, etc. Know your audience, then write. It will help you determine who wants to read what you write and who is only giving you lip service so you will shut up. Recruiting or selling requires you to know your audience. Once you know your audience, you can build on trust and earn the privilege to sell to them.

People who sell before they know their audience get labeled as jerks. They are the ones who say nobody will listen to them, their ideas or their product or service they are pushing. Their problem is that they do not know their audience well enough to sell to them and people do not trust them. They might be trying to sell their audience bacon on Sundays without knowing their audience believes bacon is bad and TV on Sundays is bad.

Finding an audience is difficult, but not hard. Blogs, social media, your wisdom and other tools will allow you to build something bigger than you imagined, but first you must know your audience.

PS- Don't worry. I will not try to sell you bacon in a can on the HR Hound. Just pointing out that I know you like bacon and sports and I'm cool serving this to you.