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NBA Finals: 2 Lessons It Will Teach Us In Talent, No Matter The Outcome

If you own a digital device (i.e., TV, pc, iPad, iPhone, Droid, etc) you are aware the NBA Finals are going on and the San Antonio Spurs took a commanding 3-1 lead over the talented and younger Miami Heat. My first business trip with Pepsi Cola was in San Antonio back in the summer of 2000. Ahh, good times on the River Walk, but I digress. We will learn two lessons with this years #NBAFinals... 1- Lebron James will lead The Heat and the city of Miami to a 3 win comeback series victory. A comeback of this magnitude would put him in the neighborhood of Muhammad Ali in terms of an athlete who was labeled cocky. Just like Ali shouted out he would be champion of the world, Lebron shouted out he would win 7 NBA titles, which is more than Sir Jordan. A comeback in this series would give Lebron the confidence to win 7 or more NBA titles.

2- The Spurs win and Tim Duncan continues to be the silent warrior and leader that he is. The HR Hound will recommend Duncan considers retirement, but I doubt he will call for advice. He needs to pay for a divorce, so count on him playing more for the money. If he wins, he will have five NBA titles and still be a legend.

What does this teach us about talent? Teaches us that Michael Jordan was right (click HERE for his Hall of Fame speech). There is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in win. Both Duncan and James have talent and they need their team to win the title, but it is there style, behaviors and actions that will lead them to win.

What else is going on with the HR Hound? Ben was on a well-respected HR Podcast earlier in the week, a la HR Happy Hour. It was an honor. CLICK HERE for the listen.