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One Minute Of Content Creation

It's amazing what a minute can do. Content creation takes a lot of time to create in exchange for a minute of your time. A minute of your time could mean a big deal to me. One minute might make you think different about something or change your approach to your business. It could even make you want to connect with me because you have work for me. In one minute, life can change from the content anyone creates. Content creation can be done almost anywhere by anyone. You can create content from Hungary, San Francisco (that is where I will be later today) Kansas or Brazil. In the digital and online world if you have the platform you can write or speak to create and share content. You can create content for marketing, selling, self- expression, etc. What you are reading right now is my creation of content. No special content press pass or title. Just someone with a few things to share...

The cool, but scary part about content creation is there are many ways to be successful with it. The space you are placed in by those who read your content is up to the content creator, which is me. In one minute a client could read my content and place me in a category they deem to be successful or unsuccessful but it is up to me to succeed in that category.

This scares some people who want to control every message that gets shared. Doctors, religious leaders, executives, mothers, students, HR people, recruiters, marketers and others read content from the content creators. Create good content and you can become the "anyone" who creates content for all walks of life to read.

No matter the party, group, business or meeting...people have content but you will not know it unless they share it. Once they share it, others will determine if it is successful. It only takes one minute of content for other people to make that judgement call. No content = no judgement call. It is up to you to create the content. It only takes a minute. Maybe more than a minute if you have enough content to share.