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The Musician, The Listener & The Judge

In your work, are you the musician, the listener or the judge?... The musician creates music of a certain style that attracts a certain audience. They can turn noise into music for your ears. Difficult to create music, but easy to criticize the musician and the music. Some people even criticize the audience for listening to the music.

The conscious listener of music hears the words, understands the meaning of a song and recognizes instruments in the music. Songs mean something to the conscious listener. A listener will passionately debate and explain what a song means to them and why they believe the musician wrote the song. Many listeners of music do not create music, but they appreciate most types of music. They seek to understand the meaning of music and songs.

The judge hears music as noise unless it is their own music. The judge rarely cares to learn about other people's music. If it is not their music, then it is just noise to them. The judges are the ones who ask you to turn off your music or change your music. They often judge people who listen to other types of music and only consider their music as music for everyone to hear.

In your work, are you the musician, the listener or the judge?

Here's a little music for you to hear today. Enjoy. PS- email subscribers click through link below, gotta be on Spotify and a Hendrix fan to hear the song.

Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train a Comin'