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WORLD CUP EDITION: Soccer ties are "Very OK", like your business

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is kicking and strong chance you know something about the soccer (yes- I am aware that I call soccer, soccer) games, with or without TV. Today (Thursday), the U.S. National Team will hope to advance through the Group of Death bracket they are in. A tie or win over Germany will propel the good ole USA into the Round of 16. Ending an event, game or meeting in a tie is a bizarre feeling. Even if you get to advance, it just seems a little strange. Over in England the 2014 Wimbledon tennis championship underway. No match will end in a tie. There will be a winner or loser, no matter how long it takes to finish the match, but soccer is different like your business.

Imagine a sales rep ending a deal with a tie. No contract and the buyer receives two "very OK" proposals. One from your sales rep and the other from your competitor. Deal over?

Imagine a recruiter closing a job requisition with a candidate tie. No hire, and the hiring manager receives two "very OK" candidates. Interview over?

Either of the above scenarios happen in business. In tennis and many other sports, ending in a tie is like ending a date without a hug, kiss or whatever ending you are looking for...After the date, you wonder home with your mind in a spiral.

In soccer, ending in a tie is not bad, not good. It is "very OK" enough to advance. Just don't blow it. The secret to business is knowing when to hang onto deals that look like a tie. There will be parts of the sales cycle or recruiting cycle where you should keep things moving to play it safe OR shake things up if you want to take risks and end the deal on your terms. Just don't blow it. Many deals show up like a tie and people give up or lose patience.

If you are a candidate who is still in process for your dream job, don't blow it and don't give up. If you are a recruiter hunting that special person, don't blow it and don't give up. If you are a sales pro hunting that special deal, don't blow it and don't give up. It is "very OK" to stay in the game.

The people who get rewarded and recognized are the ones who are still in the game. Even if they are in a tie status.