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The unique thing about the first time

The unique thing about the first time is that it seems so specific to you because it is your first experience. Rolling out new Talent, HR programs or new technology for the first time, will not be the first time your audience has seen HR roll something out...They view you as the guy who rolled out the online paycheck for the first time or the one who wants to roll out a new performance management system. The first time can be great, good, bad or horrible. Either way, you will remember it and you hope your audience loves it enough to share their wonderful experience. Do you remember your first live music concert? You were the audience and the musician hopes you remember the show...

The first time I wrote a blog post, nobody like you read it. Maybe two people did, but not sure. The first time I got a real HR job I was surprised at how unimpressive it was. The first time I drank coffee I was like 6 years old or so. I was with my grandpa. I remember the first time.

The first time I do something is often not the first time others do something, unless I walk on Mars.

The first time you do something different at work can change the culture status quo amongst your work group. It is not because what you do is the first time for everyone, but rather it could be because it is the first time you have done something different. You are behaving differently for the first time.

Tomorrow is July 4th, 2014. Our day we celebrate American Independence. Thomas Jefferson was one of our leaders who was radical enough to lead the America revolution. It wasn't until almost 100 years after he wrote the Declaration of Independence that people agreed to remember and recognize it as a national holiday for the first time (congress approved it as a national holiday in 1870). The unique thing about the first time July 4th became a holiday is that the deal had already been done almost 100 years ago and people had been recognizing and celebrating it for years.

My first time could be your 100th time. Everyone has a first time. Celebrate July 4th like it's your first time again. Keep it simple with friends and family. I will be doing so from Boston this year. Do the same with your work back on Monday. Keep it simple and have fun.