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BRANDING 101: Three Words to describe your state

It's summer time and chances are you will be traveling to different states in the U.S.A. for work or pleasure and have a few times to reflect. I recently spent about 10 days in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Both are great states, but before you think about them what are your first three words you think of when you hear Massachusetts and New Hampshire? Why should I do this? Who cares? Are you going to stop reading the HR Hound? Go for it, but it's my blog and my ball. I can take my ball and go home and write what I want on my blog. Before you leave, check out my three words below and why you might want to come up with your own three words for your brand you are or trying to be.

3 words for Massachusetts-

1) Coffee. They have Dunkin Donuts (Hat Tip to HireVue for having Dunkin as a customer) on every corner in Boston and almost any city within Massachusetts. For non-coffee drinkers, they have good donuts.

2) Accents. They have a unique dialect vs. other places in the U.S. "Paaark the caar over therrre." You know a Bostonian accent when you hear one.

3) Spirit. Bostonians are not afraid to share their mind. Good or bad...They share their spirit with you in a deep way. You know where you stand with a Bostonian.

3 words for New Hampshire-

1) Nada. They have "a no helmet law" for bikers and strict laws to drink a beer at a restaurant. That is about all I know about New Hampshire. Next to nada.

2) Courageous. Big mountains with big green trees (see pic taken in North Conway, New Hampshire), no helmets for bikers and strong beer. Their state motto is "Live Free or Die". They sound courageous.

3) Windy. They have Mount Washington. Up until 2010, the top of Mount Washington held the record for the highest wind gust on earth, 231 mph. Take that Chicago.

And last...three words for my home state, Utah. These words are based on audience feedback. 

1) Mormons. Not being political, just saying. We have a lot of people who are part of the Mormon religious and culture group. Mormon's health codes and laws bleed into work and schools many times and it makes you think about Mormons.

2) Mountains. Look around. You will see them. They humble you and make you want to be outside to enjoy life more.

3) Innovation. We have a booming technology industry in Utah. We are not San Francisco AND we are not Austin. People move here for the mountains to ski, hike, bike and build their entrepreneurship careers.

It only takes three words to describe a brand. Brands can be so big, but three words can sum up their existence. Your turn. What three words describes your personal brand, state, company, or family? You have a brand, tell us what it is in three words.