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67% of people are just OK with their jobs

Last night I ran across a video of Matt Alder (Recruitment Leader in the UK) talking to Samantha Zupan (Glassdoor PR Director). Listen to it below (email subscribers click through)... [video src="" size="auto"]

It is a good interview and product overview of Glassdoor in case you do not know what they do. At about 3 minutes into the video, Samantha shares something that seems off with our work environments in the USA. Samantha says Glassdoor has about 2.5 million pieces of content on glassdoor where people rate how satisfied they are with their jobs. 67% of the 2.5 million people say they have an OK satisfaction level with their jobs. I say that sucks...

Do you want an OK job or kick awesome job? Do you want people coming to work for OK? Do you want OK results?

People and companies ahead of the curve are not satisfied with OK. OK sounds complacent. OK sounds not good. Did you come out of school to work for OK?

There will be highs and lows in terms of job satisfaction at any given time. OK is better than bad, but when you hear OK create a plan to become better than OK or great. For the talent and HR pros watching. Do better than OK.

PS-Good interview Matt and Samantha.