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Work/Life BALANCE: The work detox

Too much work can become toxic to the mind, body and soul. Not enough work can create boredom and lack of purpose in one's life. A detox from the thoughts and ideas about your work can bring you a fresh perspective. Similar a detox from boredom and purposelessness can bring confidence and new meaning to one's life. That's what my experience tells me. A short detox (quiet time at night) is usually enough. I do not view typing this as a detox. I oddly enjoy writing to you. This is often my detox.

A detox from work involves not looking at a customer or some type of judgmental audience. A detox from work is where you play, play and play. The more you play, the more you stay in your game. Biking, running, reading, meditating, walking, outside yard work...Find ways to play. Do it with people who know how to play too.

When work becomes more important than family/friends. Change quickly. You are starting a downward spiral. It is your job to change. Not any other person's job. Not your boss, your HR departments, etc. Your job is to balance your life. Do what matters to you. If you need a detox from work, take it. If you can't think good about your work, then don't think too much.

I sometimes get asked about how to make work more balanced. People think a policy about work/life balance can fix their out of balance issues. It can't.

Work/life balance the HR Hound way. You need balance. Look in the mirror. Figure it out. That is your job to balance your life, not a policy.