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DAYS OF 47 EDITION: 6 ways to be a technology pioneer

In Utah this week it is Pioneer day on Thursday July 24th. Some catchy people call it "Pie and Beer" day and more formal people call it "Days of 47", but I digress. The purpose of the holiday is to recognize the day Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers entered into the state on  July 24, 1847, hence the name, Days of 47. Pioneers in any culture deserve a Hat-Tip and recognition. They make bold moves for freedom. Wild west pioneers had the guts to settle a new territory or venture into an area that few to none have been before. Fast forward 150 plus years into the knowledge era where technology can play a role to make us more human or not. We have innovators who introduce new ideas and concepts that few to none have explored before. They become seen as the technology pioneers of their organization or circle or tribe.

Within the technology industry the term "disruption" or "disruptor" is sometimes used to describe a technology pioneer. Disruptors pioneer something new or get people to change or abandon the old way.

Chances are if you read my blog you are not a cowboy, prospector, miner or trapper, etc. Most of you are executives with grit and hunger or stuck on the corporate career ladder somewhere and looking for a place to jump. The thought of being a technology pioneer does not scare you. Here are a few ways to be one...

1. Innovate. You. Must. Create. Find new ways for doing old things or new ways for doing new things. Find a new way to sell, market or recruit. It could be new ways to recruit people or recognize people who do good in our society or work places. You must keep looking to do things faster, better and cheaper and that does not involve firing innocent workers. That is too easy.

2. Impact. Make your new technology or ideas have a positive impact on your company, team, or the world. Making an impact takes time, but keep it going. Care more about making an impact than anyone else.

3. Growth. Grow a team and their development, grow sales, grow connections, grow market share, etc. Your idea must spread and grow. Without growth, your idea/s will sit.

4. Prove it. Have you tried your idea? Want to start a company blog? Have you ever run a blog? Want to sell on social media? Have you sold on social media? Want to create an app for training? Have you used apps for training? Show proof and people will follow. Lead by example.

5. Visionary leadership. You can't move what you can't see. Paint, write, tell and show your story over and over and over again. Then repeat again. Make sure people get the vision. This is a never ending a job. Most new ideas, initiatives or businesses fail because of a poor vision. I speak from experience.

6. Status. No matter your role or level in an organization find people with a strong social status and influence. These people are often not the highest ranking company official. They are pioneers who will help you in your journey.

Technology pioneers do not have it as tough as the pioneers of the wild wild west, but they often have a solo journey. Use your anger or frustration to find a movement or start a movement. Have fun and do good with it. Have some jello salad on me this week. Pie and beer too. Good luck being a technology pioneer if you go that route and peace be with you my friend. I got your back.

Happy Pioneer Day no matter your religious beliefs.

PS--Credit the World Economic Forum who selects several technology start-ups each year and calls them "Technology Pioneers".