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The easy way out of hard work

The easy way out of hard work is to ask for more money and more people to do the hard work. The easy route home is to take the same route you always take because is most comfortable, regardless if there is a faster or more scenic route to home. I wish I could have 9 more people and $3 million dollars to do a better job and a helicopter to fly me home over traffic.

Hard work at your office job shows up when people will not do what you want them to do. Influence is the easy way to lead people to do what you want them to do but it takes hard work to influence. Your the wizard behind the technology software at your shop and you want people to use some software or do something different. The easy way is to ask for more money and people to manage the software, instead of better understanding the software.

The real question is what have you done different to understand the work. That is hard work and it will require more caring, listening and doing and less complaining and blaming. Know the data behind the work. Data usually wins.

The more you understand the work, the easier work becomes. Do you know any easier ways out?