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How going outside your bailiwick can help you

In general you have an area of expertise or bailiwick and that is what you do. Nothing else, just do your damn job well. Your bailiwick might be sales, counseling, teaching, technology, entrepreneurship, or sports or HR. This summer I have been working outside my bailiwick in the following ways...

  • I rallied people together at work to donate cleaning supplies and diapers to refugees in Utah. Utah has over 50,000 refugees who need help. Click HERE to donate to their cause and click HERE to learn more about the Utah Refugee center. Your money goes directly to refugees like the child in the painting above. I learned that doing non-profit work is not easy. Peter Drucker was right after all.
  • I nominated myself to buy a new coffee maker for everyone at work. I drink coffee, but did not realize how many people have strong opinions on coffee makers.
  • I am doing my first century bike road race/ride this Saturday, The Ultimate Challenge, and it is claimed to be America's toughest one-day cycling adventure. We will climb 109 miles over 12,000 feet in the beautiful Utah mountains. Wish me luck.
  • I am helping women in technology come together to build, innovate and mentor. It is a Utah organization where I had the opportunity to be a judge on a diverse and talented panel where we interviewed finalists for the Women Tech Awards. There are several smart women in Utah and look forward to more work with them.
  • I occasionally taught my toddler children how to meditate this summer. It probably taught me more than them. Children are consistently good at reminding you how to better appreciate life.
  • I will present to my company next week at our annual summit. I plan to make the presentation outside the expectation of an HR/recruiting guy's bailiwick. Work in progress, but that's how it is shaping up to be...

It might sound like a lot or not a lot compared to what you do outside your bailiwick, but this is not a competition. Working outside my bailiwick has allowed me to hopefully be less ignorant. It is a gentle reminder of how ignorant I have become...