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The underground technology wisdom during meetings

Text messages, tweets on twitter, pictures of people sleeping in meetings...the underground technology that people use to connect during meetings. People come to meetings to meet and when they can't meet, they find other means to meet. Enter technology for chavs, execs, workers, etc. Technology and its ability to help us better communicate goes back to the early days of the telephone and wars. Nothing new here. You can't begrudge someone technology.

When someone has knowledge, experience or insights on a topic that is better than what is being shared in a meeting, they want a way to share it. If meetings are too big for all to share these thoughts of wisdom, they turn elsewhere. That is why Twitter and the use of hashtags on Twitter or Instagram or other social media sites can be so advantageous. More thoughts and ideas can be shared so everyone becomes smarter. Don't we all want to become more smarter? Check hashtag #VueSummit to learn what I learned this past week.

It doesn't always need to be on Twitter. These underground communications can occur on texts, instant messages, etc.

Here's the deal. The more you understand people, things, events, situations and how that applies to your own perception of the world, the more wise you will act and the more insight you will have on the world. Technology that allows you to trust people, things, events, situations more is technology worth using. If you are a leader in your organization and you do not use technology to better connect with people, then what are you doing?

Communication can happen at seven different times and seven different ways. Some communications happen above ground and some happen underground. Become aware of what technology is above ground and what technology is below ground for your meetings. That will help you tap into the wisdom of the crowd.