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4 Anti-Draconian ways to report to work on-time

You rush to work while eating your toast and honey in your car and sipping on your favorite caffeinated beverage. I know this because I wait in line with you at traffic lights. I see you. I have been you. I suppose you have a draconian work place that will send you to HR if you are 7 minutes late to work. Maybe "The Man" from corporate will notice and promote you because you are the first one to report to work. But probably not.

Meanwhile your gut is hanging over your belt because you value beating your boss and everyone else to work more than exercising for your health.

Do you have a draconian mindset at work that scares you about what time you report in and out of work? I think I see your face in the mugshots picture (email subscribers click through) If yes, read on. The four ways below is my cut at work/life balance and office work time vs. non-office work time.

1. If you are a surgeon/nurse and your patient is waiting on you for a 7 AM surgery OR a mechanic and you need to start at 7 AM to repair someone's car so it is complete by 11AM OR a recruiter and you need to interview someone at 8AM. These are jobs that people are waiting for you or need to see you, so be there at the time you tell them. Common sense, no punishments needed.

2. You have work that can be done at 7AM, 10AM, 3PM, 8PM or 2AM...but there is social pressure in your office to be at your desk at 7PM instead of 7AM when you are on your "A" game. If that is the case, do your work when you are on your "A" game. Everyone (family, friends and work people) wants to see your "A" game work.

3. You have a boss who keeps track of who is in the office with him/her at 7PM. Your boss has an ego problem and wants to control you. Talk in your boss's language. Tell him/her they are the ultimate decision maker and the boss. Then ask..."Would you be open to a different style of work?" Let him/her know you can deliver, but you do it differently.

4. You love your boss and colleagues and work. Your work can start at 4:30AM or 9:30AM and it can end at 4:30PM or 7:30PM. It can be done in an office, home, mountains or golf course. Congrats you are ahead of the game. You are happy, but careful with job burnout. Balance your time at work, time on the phone vs. being with family/friends. Stay hungry, but do not let your job define you.

Work is available 24/7 when you are doing everything you can to make a difference or working on something that is worth doing. Someone who can manage their work life balance issues without a manual is someone who can figure out life on their own. They trust themselves and will look for new opportunities to take on more. They will not work at draconian work places because they can think for themselves. I quiver when I hear a job candidate ask me about work/life balance. Often times, those types of candidates need someone to tell them how to do their job. I suppose it's because they were born and raised in draconian type environment of work.

Take action with your work. That is a normal thing to do.