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Social Media Hate-watchers

A hate-watch is a verb for the practice of watching a television show for the sole purpose to criticize or make fun. In politics and stars, people hate-watch in ad nauseam. See Nixon and Elvis pic. Used as a noun here, "many people are hate-watchers on social media"... On LinkedIn, Bob claims he sold $3M in sales, is an expert in technology and a builder of high performing teams. You know Bob well enough to call BS on his LinkedIn profile. You periodically hate-watch his LinkedIn profile to make fun or criticize.

On Facebook, Sally claims to be an awesome mother, does the ALS ice bucket challenge, baker, loving wife, involved in her church/community and works a demanding business job. You know Sally well enough to say she is more into her debt with BMWs, boats, spa visits and vacation homes than she is with the content she puts on Facebook. You hate-watch in shock.

Meanwhile on Twitter, Quanda appears to be a rock star. She has 23k followers, is not afraid to say F#$k on her tweets, regularly tweets selfies and claims to be a writer. You know Quanda well enough to never hire her to do work, but get entertained by what she does on Twitter. You hate-watch out of entertainment.

Blogs, comments on blogs, social media and other avenues make hate-watching more transparent. If you are online, you are being hate-watched. People judge how they see you online or if they do not see you online and it is easy to fool someone or be fooled by someone.

Social media hate-watchers are actually fans of the people they watch but for some reason have become jaded by the people they watch. They enjoy the adrenaline they experience off of someone's social media trainwreck life and hope they can turn themselves around.

Hate-watching is in your control. How does it influence your work and life...