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Tweet Performance Analytics: Back-up your HR tweets with data

What are Tweet Performance Analytics?

I can't think of a time when having analytics aren't helpful in your business. Especially good analytics. Being able to analyze your tweets can help you discover how meaningful your tweets are to your audience and identify any patterns (timing of tweets) that are more effective with your tweets. Tweet on this...

The pic below (email subscribers click through) is what happens when I click on timeline activity for the HR Hound's twitter account. The dashboard gives me a lot of data to digest. You can see total impressions in the last month near the top versus my last month's performance.

How about the number of favorites, retweets, and replies generated from each individual tweet? Yep. It does that too when you click on a different column. Look to the right of the screen as well. I can see how my engagements, link clicks, retweets, favorites and replies have been trending over the last 28 days. For excel junkies...I can export my data for you too. Look to the top right of the pic and click "Export data".

Timeline Activity

HR Hound Tweet Activity

Now let's see what happens when I look at my followers...

Boom goes the dynamite!

This dashboard shows my follower growth over time, highlights the HR Hounds' most unique and top interests, breaks it down by geography and gender and the top most followed people my followers also follow. A quick look tells me that my audience is most interested in Leadership, Human Resources, Careers, Job Searches and Job Fairs. Take that to your CHRO and/or CMO.


HR Hound Twitter Followers

Not sure where to start? Take time and check into this over the holiday weekend (Labor Day in the U.S., since I know about 2,200 my Twitter audience is US based). This dashboard is now open to any Twitter account that has been opened for at least 14 days. You can return to the office with meaningful data for maybe the first time in your career.

Think about the timing of your tweets (time of day and day of week) and how those tweets perform. What times lead to more impressions? Are you burning out your audience by over tweeting? OR do you need to tweet more? How does media perform in your tweets? Do people love videos, photos of cats or selfies, or text? Check out the tone of your tweets too. Is your audience all business, no party or more about party and little business?

There are more ways than one to skin this cat (sorry for the bad cat reference), but know that good data leads to good insights and good action. If you are the lone-wolf HR Pro at your shop on Twitter you could use good data to back up your time spent there. On Twitter good data can lead to more sales leads and more talent...

PS- Credit the master @GabeVillamizar for his continued insight on social media analytics. He got me rolling on this one. He's good mang!