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Who is the nascent Steve Ballmer in your office?

Steve Ballmer (Former Microsoft CEO) is officially the new owner of the L.A. Clippers. Last month, he purchased the team for a record breaking $2 billion dollars. Steve is not your everyday business personality. He screams, cheers louder than anyone in the room and is known for his big and loud stage entrances. He is goofy, odd, bizarre and worth about $21.9 billion but he creates more energy in the room than any stimulant can. He can fire people up!

Steve is a high energy guy. Get out of his way. He has ideas and he is looking for his second wind after his "retirement" from Microsoft. He found it with the Clippers. I can't imagine this guy being OK playing second fiddle to the L.A. Lakers. Move over Mark Cuban. Sports publishers and media got there guy to highlight when they need content and entertainment.

Watch him and what he does to bring energy to the Clippers. His personality might have seemed a little off in the Microsoft scene, but it will fit in wonderfully in the NBA scene. I look forward to seeing how he handles bad NBA calls or something that tugs his short hairs. He is smart, goofy, odd, energetic, hard-core and entertaining.

Steve Ballmer and the L.A. Clippers. The guy who will be watched more than the L.A. Clippers. Do you have a nascent gal/guy like Steve Ballmer in your office? Sometimes you need this type of personality to spark action in your boring work. Nobody remembers the speeches from the past unless they are Steve Ballmer like.

Check his epic speech HERE (email subscribers click through). Classic Steve Ballmer.