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Do you know your ratio to Firebrand success?

Each HR Hound post gets 500 to 1000+ views. A behind the scenes look at all my posts will show you a 2:1 post ratio of "drafts" to "published". For every post I publish, I write two posts. Take that a step further into your day job as a recruiter or marketer or sales pro... How many people do you interview before you hire? What is your interview to hire ratio?

How many iterations of your product messaging do you go through before you release it to your audience? What is your product iterations to release ratio?

How many sales pitches before your prospects buy? What is your pitch to buy ratio?

How about performance coaching? How many feedback sessions do you need to give before someone gets it? The ratio is probably different for each situation...

Firebrand Success ratio. Knowing it, will help you know how hard to work to see success (i.e., hire, sales, etc.). Details, details, details...working the details leads to change.

Firebrand success will take efforts beyond a job title or description. People with firebrand in them, use details to make sh$% happen.