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Saturday Edition: High Klout scores = Cheap Talk

Klout score measures your influence across the internet on a scale from 1 to 99. A scientist who works for Klout explains the algorithm wonderfully in the short video below (email subscribers click through). Watch it, then tell me if you give a damn what my Klout score is... [video src="" size="auto"]

Klout takes your data from all your social media sites and analyzes your actions such as tweets, likes, posts, shares, etc. They call these actions, signals. They analyze 400 signals to determine your Klout score. A Klout score above 40, you are considered influential on social media.

So what does it mean if you find a candidate with a high Klout score? A high Klout score means you talk a lot on line. Talk is cheap, my darling high Klout scorer. I will shred through your Klout score and check you for killer content. I will find out who you listen to and I do not care what the Klout score is of the people you listen to.

The people you listen to, I hope many of them are smarter than you. I want to know why you listen to them and why they are important in your life. They give you content and you exhale their content based on your understanding of the world. Content in, content out. Just like breathing...breath in, breath out.

Klout scores. They tell us who talks a lot via social media. What they do not tell us? Who listens to who and who creates valued content.

Keep talking, but I need to see your original content. Not your Klout score.

PS- The fella in the video. He is way smarter than me...Do you think he has a high Klout score?