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It's human to learn, but few companies have programs for humans to learn

Learning & Development exists in some form or fashion as long as you have humans at your office. The desire to learn is natural for the human race, just like it was when you were a child. Learning & Development is a billion dollar industry, spans across the world but few companies are mature in their learning & development practices. (Without cheating) Tell me 3 companies known for having a kick awesome Learning & Development program... Could it be that few companies know where their Learning & Development money is going? Or perhaps they have no business plan for learning or a dedicated head to lead learning...

Yes, I know you have no or little budget for this. If you had money and it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Learning & Development. Everybody talks about doing it, but very few people do it. The next thing you do with learning & development is the most important thing because you are doing it next. Thus, do something with learning & development. Do it one step at a time and over days, weeks, months and will create a learning organization.

Finding talent will continue to be more competitive and critical skills will continue to be harder to find. I am waiting at Starbucks right now for some skilled sales talent to meet me. He better have game, a good excuse for being 2 minutes late and have the skills to pay the bills. But I digress.

A good learning & development program will have a strategy, a blend of learning content, available via mobile, appeal to Millennials (it's always about the Millennials) AND the best learning programs can integrate it all into one easy to use/access place, make it social and draw people into the program like a good book or movie. This will take months to years to develop, but it starts with what you do next.

Learning & Development can mean a lot of things. My message here is to lead people through your learning & development program in whatever role you are in. People are waiting. People around you want to see you do this.

Learning development is not to about spending 100% of your time reading books and taking courses...

Spend 10% of your time on books and courses, 20% of your time working with people smarter than you and 70% of your time doing tough work that makes you uncomfortable. 10% + 20% + 70% = your model for learning development. People smarter than me thought of this.

The opportunity is to create an atmosphere where people have increasing expectations to move from here to there through learning something they want to learn.