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Saturday Edition: Do it your way, but end it like Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is retiring from Major League Baseball. He played 20 seasons, won several awards, zero divorces, zero marriages and a gentlemen to the ladies. A class act man from what we know of him. Derek Jeter is ending his baseball career. Derek Jeter started his career at an MLB salary of $130k per year at the ripe age of 22 and as he performed his salary climbed to a peak of $22.6M at age 36. This year at age 40, he will pull in $12M per year from the MLB. These salaries do not include his endorsements and other sources of income. Derek Jeter has earned a lot of money.

In a world of news about athletes and politicians being known for spouse or child beating, fraud, bad checks, bankruptcy, drunk driving, shoplifting, pain pill addictions, bad credit, etc...Derek Jeter somehow avoided such negativity. He did not let the money go to the greedy parts of his brain.

Derek Jeter. He is great at something (baseball), but humble, driven and smart. Baseball people will miss Derek Jeter. He will go onto make a good mark somewhere else. He previously formed a blueprint for his post career called, "Jeter Publishing".  Stay tuned...

Has Derek Jeter hit any women or children? No. Derek Jeter made New York City better. He made people around him better. He made his baseball team better. Derek Jeter is a class act. He cares about people. He cares about his trade. The more you care about your trade, sport, skill, family, life etc. the closer attention you pay to it.

Do you think Derek Jeter went through turmoils? I am damn sure he did, but he figured out how to deal with his turmoils and all we see is Derek Jeter. And that is what makes him great. Just like you, he is not perfect.

His career and your career are not the same. He is a millionaire baseball stud and you are not.

In your day job think about the impact people could have if they were to end their career like Derek Jeter...Dream big, get shit done and know how to have a good time. See short video below on the impact Derek Jeter had with his New York city circle. As the HR/Talent pro at your shop, are you coaching people to end it like Derek Jeter?...

PS- I bet George Bush learned a few things from Derek Jeter.

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