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9 Technology Applications You Need To Checkout [#HRTechConf Edition]

In less than two weeks, thousands of HR and Talent executives will meet up at HR Tech in Las Vegas on October 7-10. They will focus on the business process and organizational success enabled by technology. You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss It. This will be my 3rd HR Tech show. At the bottom of this post is a video from my first HR Tech in Chicago 2012. Scroll to the bottom for laughter. Highlights of 2012 were a paid blog sponsorship from and connections towards my kick awesome gig at HireVue...

HR Tech has a lot of cool shit to touch and see. Thus, I have broken down 9 key technology applications that have changed in hiring today. Focus on these 9  and you will be set apart as a leader in the HR/Talent Technology space.

1. Social sourcing.

Social RecruitingEngaging active and passive candidates via social is the norm. Your technology should make it easy for candidates to apply via social and most technologies offer this. If you do not incorporate social into your application process, your technology is below standard.

2. Social profiles and references in the application process.

Content is king in the selection process. Use technology to find relevant content about a candidate before you hire them. At HR Tech see who provides good software to check social profiles. Hint... see Entelo. Hiring a human is one of the most expensive and riskiest decisions you will make. Your business is only as good as the people you can get, so do what it takes to hire the best. Be bold.

3. Video in applying and interviewing.

HireVue OnDemand InterviewsIf content is king, then video is queen. Video for interviews is like watching a movie in High Definition. Interviews without video is like a movie in black and white. Yes, I work for HireVue ...yada-yada, but video is the queen of hiring content. Every candidate has a story to tell. Use OnDemand videos to learn their story so you can go deeper in person.

4. Video onboarding, commencing immediately after job acceptance.

Oh that video thing again. Yes, get rid of lifeless organization announcements when newbs are hired. Instead, partner with your CEO/Exec and use video to invite the newb to answer a few questions and introduce themselves via video. This will engage new hires faster and enable social connections. More social connections = new hire retention. PS- HireVue offers video for onboarding too.

5. Linking the applicant profile to the learning and performance planning profiles, creating one talent system of record from day one.

Most technology now offers this. It should be as simple as a one-time update. An applicant updates the talent system with their LinkedIn profile or some other simple way and it feeds into all other systems (i.e., learning, performance etc.). Done.

6. Use of prehire assessment data not just for screening, but for later development purposes.

Curious eyesGain a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate before you hire them. SkillSurvey does this. Others too. When you hire people, be ready to develop them based on their curiosity, interests and job relevancy needs.

7. Data-driven investment decisions as interest in simple metrics morphs to business analytics--from correlations of source, employee credentials, and experience, etc. to ramp-up time to productivity, designation as a "high potential," and the like are increasingly more common.

Big Data

"Big data is like teenage sex. Everybody talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it." End quote. Again... HireVue makes a bold move at Big Data with HireVue Insights. It conducts, archives and examines hundreds of video interviews, tailored for a particular company’s needs and uses this data to break down 15,000 different personal traits of a candidate, and test how they correlate to an organization’s current top performers. HireVue Insights can predict who your top performers will be and who your best recruiters are. Click HERE to see how Chipotle Mexican Restaurants and others use it.

8. Position "marketing" rather than solely position posting.

Recruitment adsLeverage job postings as marketing material about your culture/company. Use pictures, videos, blogs, etc. And be authentic. Marketing positions is just something you do and use technology to make it better. Click HERE for 10 innovative examples of position marketing.

9. Criticality of employment branding--portraying the corporate culture authentically.

You are your brand. Mix your personal brand into your company's brand. Let people market your company by sharing your culture via blogs and social media. Culture exists around your company. Your job is to amplify what is awesome about your culture and to find the right balance of authenticity that works for you.

Credit Bersin by Deloitte for the framework of these 9 areas.

Lastly, see Ben below on video HR Technology circa 2012. My toddlers tell me I am more handsome in person than video. Look forward to having a good time in Vegas...

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